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Welcome to Mad Dogs


We are pleased to e-meet you :)


We wanted to take some time to introduce ourselves to you personally. We are the Mad Dogs Team and we're here to help as much as we can on your journey with our brand. So, I guess this is where we should tell you a little bit more about the brand and our clothing.


We have been around since 1993 when we first started selling at the Greenmarket Square in Cape Town. From that moment, we started a legacy with everyone who purchased our products. We have been complimented over the years for being ultra-comfortable, affordable and more durable than a tank (that might be a slight exaggeration). Anyone and everyone that has owned our products since 1993 has always been a part of one big family.


In recent times, many believed we no longer existed and that the legacy of Mad Dogs Clothing had ended. We were down but never out and as in many situations, we came back stronger and better because of it. In 2018, we came under new ownership with a new vision to continue our long-lasting legacy within South Africa.


As we always have, we focus on providing unique, comfortable, expressive and durable clothing that is also affordable for everybody. By embracing the modern-digital age, we have created a Mad Dogs store that can fit right into your pocket! We hope you enjoy your experience with us and if you ever need anything then don't hesitate to speak with us via our contact page.


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