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Autumn/Winter 22 - Coming soon.


The Summer season will soon be coming to an end, with the introduction of Autumn just around the corner. We thought this was the opportune time to discuss our latest upcoming collection, Autumn/Winter 22. We wanted to provide some informative insight into what has been happening behind the scenes over the last few months in preparation for the release of this collection. Autumn/Winter 22 will effortlessly synchronise with the upcoming change of season and be our most innovative release to date, which has been built on the foundations of the Project W21 and SUMMER 21/22 collections respectively.

Mad Dogs has a well-established brand narrative that boasts distinctive design and recognisable fashion presence amongst a heavily standardised industry, dominated by the fast fashion movement in recent times. The Autumn/Winter 22 collection opens a new chapter in our history books, focusing on two key design themes, nature, and adventure with minimal influences from brands such as Patagonia. At the core, we wanted to create something that would evolve the brand to the next level while offering something that we feel still fundamentally fits within the extensive Mad Dogs Clothing bloodline.



Inspired by the beautiful outdoor landscape of South Africa, this collection synergises the tones, colours, and natural diversity that our magnificent country has to offer, along with the classic and unmistakable brand identity of Mad Dogs Clothing that carries a strong and unique presence. Every garment within this collection has been designed to simultaneously inspire your inner explorer, provide a fashionable declaration, and shift the future vision of the brand boldly forward.


Style & design:

To form a collection that would bring something fresh and new to the brand, we had to start from the beginning. The foundations of AW22 began by compiling key elements of the Mad Dogs brand identity and carefully picking out aspects that we felt were essential to making the collection distinct, versatile, and eye-catching. The colour palette for AW22 makes use of a variety of custom shades that provide a mix of bold, bright, and neutral tones, primarily inspired by the natural beauty of South Africa’s diverse outdoor landscape. This collection will be comprised of styles and silhouettes that have previously been seen in other collections, along with the introduction of new styles as well.


Release date:

This collection is scheduled to be released during April/May 2022 with no exact launch date set at this time. We are currently amid the final planning and curation of Autumn/Winter 22 before the official release date is confirmed and publicly announced. The idea of a pre-order phase is being considered, which will offer the opportunity to secure items in advance before they are officially available for purchase and delivery. Stay tuned into our social channels for the latest updates on this all-new and exciting collection.

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