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Autumn/Winter 22 - Drop & release update

In March we announced the arrival of our next collection, Autumn/Winter 22. This collection was scheduled to be released during April/May this year but has since been knocked back marginally due to some sourcing complications. These obstacles have been resolved and we are happy to announce that this collection will be officially landing at the end of June.

We have also completed some careful planning in relation to the release strategy of this collection. Instead of releasing all the items at once, we have made the decision to divide Autumn/Winter 22 into smaller drops that will distribute one after the other to not only create a greater emphasis on select items but also allow the collection to have a greater impact overall.

The first drop will be arriving at the end of June 2022 with a total of 3 drops to make up the entire collection. An official announcement regarding the first drop will be made on our social media channels soon which will provide some greater insight into what you can expect. Until then, we will continue to post ‘sneak peeks’ that will resume the flow of those creative juices.

We also recently announced our MD Uniform collection that will be coming during the course of 2022. Based on the desired role for this collection, our seasonal drops will be produced in limited quantities to provide the wearer with more exclusive garments and emphasize the intended bespoke nature of the collection. The MD Uniform will be able to offer a greater level of accessibility and pertain to a more classical Mad Dogs design ethos for increased versatility.

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