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MD Uniform - Arriving 2022.


During the course of 2022, we have been busy planning the future of Mad Dogs Clothing in a number of different areas with a core focus on the design and structure of our collections moving forward. After taking some time to evaluate our options, we decided to create what we call the MD Uniform collection. This set of styles will be readily available for purchase, regardless of the season, and will demonstrate a more neutral and uniform design style while maintaining the classic Mad Dogs brand identity. Creating this collection means that we can provide the basic and essential styles on a consistent basis and use seasonal drops to focus on branching the brand into new and exciting places.



It quickly became clear that a number of styles on our store were in high demand from customers but no longer available for purchase. Until now, our collections have been released with limited quantities offered to create exclusivity within the brand. Based on the above, we decided that we wanted to create and offer greater accessibility for our brand and products by curating a collection that would not only be more obtainable but also provide a stable platform for us to build on moving forward. With this new structure in place, we will be able to offer both exclusivity and accessibility through two independent forms of our clothing that each have a purpose within our framework.


Style & design:

Uniform is a word or term most traditionally used to describe clothing or garments that are of the same nature in relation to both their appearance and purpose. The MD Uniform has been built both upon the definition of this term and inspiration from our most popular styles, thus forming a collection of clothes that remain simplistic, timeless, and similar in their nature. The colour palette has been refined down to a select few shades such as blue, grey, and white, allowing them to remain versatile for everyday wearing. The design spectrum displays a balanced mix of simple and clean designs, along with more traditional all-over print finishes that provide stable grounds for our brand identity. MD Uniform will contain a number of silhouettes that have been seen before within previous collections due to popular demand and their place within our brand heritage.


Release date:

The MD Uniform collection is currently in its developmental phase, meaning that the final designs, colours, and finishes are being concluded before sampling and production can begin. This collection will be released in 2022 with a final arrival date yet to be set based on the above factors. Stay tuned into our social media channels and website for more information in the coming weeks.

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