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Our Environmental Impact

As a brand in this modern and environmentally conscious age, we are very aware of how we impact the environment and also how we can minimize our overall impact on the environment. We feel it is very important to do our part, even if it is small, to make a difference. After all, it is the small parts that can come together to make a big overall difference, it's all about a combined effort.

As an e-commerce business, we do have a minimized environmental impact automatically as we have a simplified infrastructure and fewer physical facilities. By hosting an online store, we have no physical land that we have to use for a store which the more you think about, just takes up less space on the land of our planet. Having said this, we do have to store our clothes somewhere so there is some physical backend infrastructure involved which we minimize as much as possible.

We have also made an effort to make our packaging recyclable and reusable. By doing this, we can make sure that our customers feel that they can make an active effort personally by either using the packaging in other cool and creative ways or have their packaging recycled in a regular manner. (Please don't forget to recycle your packaging once you've finished with it!)

At Mad Dogs Clothing we also like to make charitable donations to organizations that can make use of our older and outdated clothing. It is commonly known that many brands, in fact, burn old clothes that are rendered 'useless'. We feel that clothes are always valuable to someone who doesn't have the privilege or access to them. We recently made a donation that you can read about here and we will continue to make these kinds of initiatives in the future.

We hope that this article has given you a little more insight into us as a business and that you feel we are making an active effort to be the best business we can be in every aspect.

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