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Minimizing our impact through a modern concept.

In this modern era, it is becoming increasingly important that brands, businesses and companies reflect on their carbon footprint and global environmental impact. At Mad Dogs, we are doing everything we can to make sure that we minimise our carbon footprint as a business. We consider ourselves as an eco-fashion brand that takes great pride in this particular movement.


What does eco-fashion mean? Eco-fashion, also known as slow-fashion is a movement that aims to create clothing items that are intended to last an extended period of time so that the consumer doesn't have to keep purchasing items every few months, but rather after a greater amount of years.  Essentially, the benefit of this movement is that there are fewer resources used over a longer period of time in order to produce the clothing. Also, this ensures better quality products due to the fact that they are intended for longer use which increases the overall lifecycle of the clothing.


The concept of fast-fashion is the opposite of this movement, which models around the principle of creating as many clothing items as possible that only last a short period of time so that consumers are forced to keep purchasing over and over again. Overall, fast-fashion uses a larger amount of natural resources, fuels and other resources used in order to create these items of clothing. In other words, this type of fashion is less sustainable for the planet and environment based on the impact of creating more goods over a shorter period of time. H&M, Zara and other similar brands are guilty of riding the fast-fashion wave where it can be noted that products are produced at a very high rate with a notable lack of quality over an extended timeline for the reasons mentioned above.


Overall, we feel that by offering high-quality clothing that lasts longer, we can give our customers better products that can endure the adventures of everyday life, have a more premium feel and therefore be more desirable to buy. Also, by having the clothing last longer, we can ensure our impact on the environment is minimized in the manufacturing process. Clothing brands such as Patagonia are great advocates for the eco-fashion/slow-fashion movement and promote longer-lasting products for consumers. We have always been a brand that focuses on quality and we aim to continue to do our best to help shrink our environmental impact as a business for years to come.

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