Online Shopping Tips

The world of online shopping is booming, but some of us are still a little skeptical when it comes to purchasing via the web, especially when it comes to clothes. That's why we're here to help and give you some trusty tips to make your online shopping experience with us a more confident one!


Tip #1 - Check the size guides

We all know that grabbing that trusty tape-measure and checking our size is a hassle but let's be honest here, is it more of a pain to measure yourself or deal with making an exchange or return? The size guides are your best friend when ordering online as it gives you a reference to know what size you should be ordering. All brands have their own versions of sizes as well so never assume that just because you're a medium for one brand, that you'll be a medium for all of them. At Mad Dogs, we even have a pawsome app that will pick a size for you based on certain measurements. The size guides can be found on all the product pages.

Tip #2 - Check the exchange & return policy

Knowing the exchange & return policy is important to you as a customer. That's why it's best to head there and take a look to make sure you fully understand the rules and limitations of making an exchange or return. You can take a look at ours here. The more information you know, the more your mind will be at ease when you click that checkout button.

Tip #3 - Sign up for an account

The biggest fear when signing up for an account is getting spammed with tons of emails and filling your inbox with the 'world's greatest' offers. We like to do it slightly differently. Obviously, we want to tell you about specials and offers but that isn't the main reason we want to contact you. We want to fill you in on all the latest news that you might find interesting to keep you in the loop. Also, you get to earn 10% cashback on your purchases through loyalty points. Finally, it's free to sign up and everyone loves free stuff!

Tip #4 - FAQs

If you ever have any concerns or questions, always head over to the FAQs section and see if your questions can be answered there. There's always interesting information that can be found and likely that someone else has had the same issue you're struggling with. If you can't find your answers there, the best thing to do is send a message to us and we will get back to you shortly.

Tip #5 - Check for offers

We consistently run offers for customers to give you the best value for money possible so be sure to check if we're running any promotions when you're looking to buy something from our store. You never know, you might be able to get your paws on a pawsome deal! 


We hope this article helps you in some way and that it can bring some more confidence into your online shopping experience with us. As always, if you ever have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via social media, email or our contact page.

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