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We're back and even better

For many of you, it has come in complete shock that we are back. We have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback from everyone who has heard of our return. Truth be told, we never really left you, we simply just had to rebuild from the foundations of the brand you once knew back in the '90s.

Thanks to new ownership since 2018, we have been rebuilding the business to bring something from the past into the future. The brand has been completely reengineered for the modern digital era while still maintaining the nostalgic feel from the past. This means creating a fresh and clean website, creating new designs and coming up with new and inventive ways for customers to engage with us.

It was no easy task, but we feel that we've have completed our mission to update the brand and forge ahead to give you the easiest and best shopping experience. We have opted not to operate any retail stores for now and purely have an online presence where people can order their items from literally anywhere. Having said this, we do have plans to operate retail stores in the future.

Since the business was founded in Cape Town, we decided to continue the legacy by being based in the mother city. We hope you are happy with the fact we are 'back' and hope to see you on our store soon :)


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