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Rescue is Life

Helping those who need it most.

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Making a difference.

We have partnered with Rescue is Life in order to bring greater awareness to their amazing cause, and to help make a difference to those who need it most. The synergy of the partnership between Mad Dogs Clothing and Rescue is Life forms on the foundations of what we feel most passionately about, along with the direct connection between animals and our brand identity.

Who is RiL?

Rescue is Life is a NPO/NPC/PBO organisation that focuses on the Rescue, Sterilisation, Rehabilitation & Responsible Rehoming of animals in Cape Town. Founded in January 2019, the organisation was created to rescue animals in need and assist those who cannot afford sterilisation. RiL assists in responsible rehoming instead of puppies & kittens being handed out irresponsibly. Their Last Litter Program ensures the entire family receives sterilisation, with an aim to end the cycle of unwanted litters.

Over 2000 adoptions & sterilisations.

Since 2019, Rescue is Life has managed to complete over 2000 adoptions and sterilisations of homeless, abused and abandoned cats and dogs. This number is growing every single day thanks to their incredible work and support.

Donate or adopt.

Head over to the official website of Rescue is Life to make a donation towards their amazing cause or make an adoption of an animal in desperate need of a home. Every single contribution, big or small can make the world of difference.

Visit the official website.