Ambassador program


The general idea of the brand ambassador program is to create awareness for our brand as well as to expand our sphere of influence and introduce our products to potential new consumers.


Brand Ambassador Program Goals

  • In having a brand ambassador, we hope to grow our social following, expand our overall awareness in the market and drive higher sales.
  • The program will begin with a 6-month trial to allow us as a business time to measure success and the ambassador to evaluate their long-term commitment to the brand.
  • We will measure success in a few different ways:
    • First will be to evaluate the overall engagement of Mad Dogs related posts on the ambassador’s profile.
    • The second will be to create a referral link that can track traffic driven to the site from the given ambassador.
    • Lastly, a unique discount code will be created so that followers/customers can redeem a reward as a result making it easy for us to track purchases made through the influencer.



When it comes to being specific to what we expect from brand ambassadors, there are a few outlining tasks, requirements and expectations on a monthly basis.

  • Regular posting promoting our brand.
  • Sharing of personal experience with the brand.
  • Exposing our brand to your follower base.
  • Driving followers/customers directly to our channels.
  • Introducing new concepts as the brand grows.


Social Media Plan

We aim to align our personal targets with the ambassador to make sure that we are driving in the same direction and conveying the same message to everybody that interacts with us.

  • 1 x Mad Dogs specific post per week.
  • 1 x Mad Dogs specific story per week.
  • 1 x Additional Mad Dogs specific content per week.
  • Extra content such as unboxing videos.



The idea behind reimbursement is to eventually create a commission-based program for the ambassador if they have proven to have a big enough impact on our brand. Outside of this, the ambassador will receive items on a monthly basis to add to their personal collection of our clothes, so they have more content to share and more opportunities to wear our products more regularly in their daily life.


Merch and Swag

  • Initially, we will allocate 5 items to an ambassador of their choice to allow for individuality. This will provide a basis of products so that they can get a look and feel for the products on a personal level and allows them to connect with the brand on a deeper level.
  • As mentioned above, additional items will be sent on a monthly basis to provide fresh looks and the opportunity to announce the arrival of their new products to their follower base.


Tracking Success

It is very important to keep track of the progress being made by the ambassador and the impact they are having as a whole. We do this by a number of different means that follow below.


Program Targets

  • Creating targets is very important in maintaining a structure to the objectives at hand for the brand going forward.
  • We will provide monthly targets to the ambassador so that they have their own record of what is required for the upcoming month. This can then be used as a personal guideline to follow going forward and allow the ambassador more direction when it comes to content relating to our brand.


Communication Goals

  • Keeping in touch with our ambassadors is very important. We have a variety of ways to do so. This can be through Facebook, Instagram, Email, phone and a variety of different platforms.
  • We see it fit to communicate on a bi-weekly basis to make sure everything is on track at the given time. We encourage every ambassador to communicate as much as possible whenever they require so that we can help and assist when needed.


Success Metrics

  • We have a number of different success metrics that we use in order to evaluate the success of an ambassador within our brand.
    • Schedule performance.
    • Requirements performance.
    • ROI (Return On Investment).
  • Keeping track of how an ambassador aligns with these success metrics is very important to us. We can do this in a number of ways:
    • Keep track of activity and engagement with our brand.
    • Review the quality of the content being posted.
    • Track brand activity driven by the ambassador directly as mentioned above.
    • Analyse ROI by using items provided as a monetary value compared to overall value gained through different means.


If you think you qualify and would like to become a part of our brand then simply send us an email to with the subject line 'Ambassador Program - Mad Dogs'. We will then let you know either way if we want to take things to the next stage!

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