Loyal Dog Program


Hi there, fellow Mad Dog!


Firstly, welcome to our website and online store. To make the most of your shopping experience with us, you can become a part of our Loyal Dog Program which comes with some cool benefits. Let's take a look!


Personalised contact

When you have an account with us, it makes it much easier to communicate with you on a personal level. We can see your purchase history and other important statistics to make your shopping experience that much better.


Account management

You have access to extra features from your account dashboard, including: re-ordering, viewing recent products and more!


Loyalty Points

This is probably the biggest benefit of all. Collecting Loyalty Points allows you earn back on your previous purchases so that you can continue to save every time you buy with us. You get up to 10% back on all your purchases!


Refer friends

When you have an account with us, you can refer your friends to get Loyalty Points as a reward in return. This allows you to collect points quicker and offer your friends and loved ones special discounts too!


Signing up is simple. Simply click the widget on the bottom-right of your screen and enter your details to register. The widget can keep you on track with your current points and other features such as refer a friend, social sharing and discounts available. Alternatively you sign up here.

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