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Sign up, check your inbox and use the discount code to get 20% off your first order.

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The Mad Dogs+ program is completely free for everyone. No sign up or subscription fees.

Cash back on purchases

Get 20% cash back with every purchase you make on our store with loyalty points.

Friend referral program

Refer your friends to earn exclusive rewards that can be used for future purchases.

Mad Dogs+

Exclusive rewards

Earn these exclusive rewards and more.

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FREE delivery coupon

250 Paw Points

R100 discount coupon

500 Paw Points

R200 discount coupon

1000 Paw Points

R300 discount coupon

1500 Paw Points

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How to earn

Simple and easy savings.

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Place an order

R1 : 1 Paw Point

Every R1 that you spend on your account, you will receive 1 Paw Point in return or 20% cash back with points.

Leave a review

50 Paw Points

Once your order have been delivered, we will send you an official review email to give us your feedback and be rewarded.

Create an account

150 Paw Points

When you create a new Mad Dogs+ account with us, you will receive 150 Paw Points as a sign up bonus to get you started.

Friend referrals

R150 discount

Refer a friend to give them a R100 discount on their first purchase and receive a R150 discount for future purchases.

Social sharing

50-100 Paw Points

Complete basic actions on social media through our widget to receive free Paw Points as a thank you for spreading the word.

Birthday celebration

250 Paw Points

Enter your date of birth into the rewards widget and your account will automatically be credited on your special day, every year.

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