Happy Festive Season From Us!



Christmas is a time of festivities, family and of course, giving gifts to the ones we love! That's why this Christmas we have decided to make the process of giving presents that much easier. Here are a list of things we're doing this Christmas to make it super special and easy for you :)


Custom Gift Boxes

We will be offering custom gift boxes for Christmas so that you don't have to worry about scraps of paper everywhere and reels of tape sticking to everything all over the house.


Custom Messaged Cards

Cards are important aren't they? It's your way of telling the special people in your life how much they mean to you! That's why we're offering custom cards with your very own personalised message to compliment the perfect gift. 


Special Offers

Who doesn't love value for money? Especially when buying tons of gifts for your loved ones. For this festive time of year, we will be having special offers for products throughout December in the build-up to Christmas, so be sure to keep an eye out here!


If you have any questions, as always we are here to help you as much as we can. You can send us a message via our contact page or an email at info@maddogs.co.za.

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