Update | We're Operating Again!


We wanted to inform all of our customers regarding our operations moving forward based on the national lockdown level change that was announced recently. We are now able to freely operate with only small limitations on certain items that we sell. These items are targeted at the warmer months of the year but the majority of our clothing is suitable for all seasons as we use materials designed to retain heat. 


Delivery delays:

Due to the nature of the lockdown, there may be slight delays on deliveries until we are able to catch up on all orders that have been placed since the lockdown was implemented. We are doing our best to address this as soon as possible so we ask all our customers to remain patient during this time.


General Operations:

Our store will be fully operational with the placing, processing and delivering of orders as of 7th May 2020.


To make things easier for our customers, we have made certain items unavailable for purchase due to the nature of the restrictions that are still in place. We are happy that we can operate as normally as possible and provide everyone with essential items they require during this time. From us at Mad Dogs Clothing, we thank you for your patience with us during this time.


Mad Dogs Team 



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