Our Clothes


We are proud to say that we classify our clothing as eco-fashion. This means that are products are designed to last longer by focusing on the quality rather than the quantity. By extending the life cycle of our clothing this means that you buy less over a longer period and use less natural resources in the process.


Eco-fashion, also known as slow-fashion is a movement designed to highlight the negative impact of fast-fashion which sells lots of products at a very low price, therefore using more resources. Our clothing comes with more advantages than most so take a look!


 100% Premium Cotton

We use only the finest grade cotton to ensure that you remain comfortable on all of your adventures. Cotton is an extremely versatile fabric that has been a part of our brand DNA since the beginning and something we wish to continue for years to come!


  Suited for all seasons

We want to make sure you can wear your Mad Dogs clothing all year round which is why all of our clothing is suited for all seasons. Whether it be a perfect summers day or even those more chilly months, your Mad Dogs gear will be ready for anything, just like you! Bring it on planet Earth, we're ready!


  Guaranteed Quality

All of our products have a quality guarantee so that they will last for years to come, no matter what you throw at them. Quality is something we have promised since our foundation and we continue to hold onto that promise! Visit our Care Guide to make sure you keep them fresh and better than ever.


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