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Quality guarantee

Valid for 6 months.

Quality guarantee


At Mad Dogs Clothing, we take pride in the quality of our goods to make sure they last as long as possible. Since our establishment, this has been a core pillar of our brand and something that has remained an expectation from our customers. This is why we have provided a 6-month guarantee on all of our gear across the store. This means that within the first 6 months of placing an order with us you are entitled to have a free replacement of your item(s) if they contain or develop what is known as a 'factory defect'. We have provided an official list of criteria to help determine if you are eligible or qualify for this guarantee.

Factory defect criteria

Loose stitching

Stitching that comes out of place from the desired area.

Frayed material

Material on the garment that has become worn and begins to fray.

Missing or broken buttons / zips

Buttons or zips that have become faulty, fallen off or are missing from the garment.

Extreme colour fade

The colour of the garment has become very dull or worn.

Torn or damaged material

The material of the garment has damage such as holes.

Please note:

All items will be thoroughly inspected before being approved for our quality guarantee. This is to ensure that they are indeed a factory defect and not damage caused by an external source. This process may take up to 14 business days upon receiving.


Want to claim?

If you have experienced an issue with your product(s) that fits within the criteria above and want to file a claim with us, simply click the button below.

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