Why cotton?


By now you've probably seen us talking about the fact we use 100% cotton in all of our products, and you're probably wondering 'what's the big deal?'. Well we're here to tell you what the big deal is, but we won't keep you for long don't worry! To make this easy, we've simply put together a handful of facts to give you some context on what we're going on about all the time.


Fact #1 - Cotton is hypoallergenic, meaning that it is soft on sensitive skin, so if you suffer with rashes and similar irritations, then cotton is your best friend! This material is also 100% natural as well, meaning it contains no artificial blends from man-made materials such as polyester.


Fact #2 - Durability is something we are well-known for, which is why cotton is great for us to use. It is a very sturdy material, meaning you can have your items for longer and have endless adventures in them too! 


Fact #3 - Ventilation is a major bonus when it comes to using cotton for clothing. We all get hot and sweaty during those Summer months right? Those days where we simply stand up and somehow drenched. Well, cotton will help you with that as it is very breathable and well ventilated to regulate heat from the body. 


Fact #4 -  Since cotton is naturally soft yet sturdy, it has a very high quality and premium feel to the touch, which makes it very appealing to, well, pretty much everyone!


Fact #5 - As much as cotton is breathable and ventilated, which is great for summer, it is also efficient in retaining heat too, so even in the colder Winter months you'll still be able to keep warm and cosy! 


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