Why cotton?


We have used cotton as a base material for all of our products since our establishment in the 90s' and it remains a key component within our current framework. Cotton provides a number of unique benefits compared to other synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon or spandex used by many other brands.


Hypoallergenic - Cotton is hypoallergenic, meaning that it is soft on sensitive skin. It is a 100% natural material and contains no artificial blends, also known as synthetics.


Durable - Durability has been a core pillar behind our products since 1993. Cotton is a very sturdy material, meaning that your items will have a longer lifespan and contribute towards a smaller impact on the environment.


Breathable - Ventilation is a major bonus when it comes to using cotton for clothing. Cotton will help you with that as it is very breathable and well ventilated to regulate heat from the body. 


High quality -  Cotton is a naturally soft yet sturdy material, which provides a premium and high quality feel to the touch compared to other materials.


Insulation - As much as cotton provides ventilation, which is great for Summer, it is also efficient in retaining heat which can be changed within the fabric composition.


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