What's inside?

Presentation is everything, especially when ordering online. It makes your experience as a buyer that much better which is why we have given a breakdown of what you can expect in your delivery when it arrives at your front door!

 Information Cards

Our Information Cards give you a breakdown of why we use cotton in our products, our contact information, your clothing care guide and a little personal message from us to you!


Mad Dogs USB Stick (coming soon)*

We give you a complimentary USB stick that is branded with our logo. You never know when you might need one of these handy little storage devices. Plus, we've also put together a neat little presentation about our brand and what we stand for!


Mad Dogs Stickers (coming soon)*

You'll find some pawsome little stickers in your box so that you can show your love for our brand wherever you go. There is a selection of 3 stickers in your box that all relate to our brand.


About the box

Our boxes are 100% recyclable so once you're done with it you can either reuse it for something else, or just pop it in the recycle bin. Who knows, maybe you'll get that exact same box again somewhere down the line!


Mad Dogs Team

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