About us


Mission Statement:

Since our establishment in 1993, our mission has been to offer unique, comfortable, durable, locally produced clothing to fit into your everyday life. With this in mind, we emphasize sustainability, quality and timeless design within every manufactured product on our store.


What makes us different?

The fashion industry is extremely saturated on a global scale which is why we feel it is important to maintain unique qualities that may seem simple or small but are often forgotten by both brands and consumers.


Sustainable and ethical.

Our clothes are both sustainable and ethical by focusing on durability and quality. They are designed to last much longer and extend the life cycle of having to buy new items in a shorter amount of time. Over a longer period of time, we use less natural resources in the production process to create what we call an ethical carbon pawprint.


Quality over quantity.

Clothing brands in this modern era often focus on producing their products in countries that sacrifice quality for price in order to maximise their profit potential. At Mad Dogs, we make sure to create clothes that are of the best quality so that they not only last longer, but feel better as well. This is achieved by using premium cotton in all of our products with no artificial blends.


Timeless design. 

Our designs aim to be a balanced combination of classical, timeless and fresh. They represent elements of fun and simplicity with a voice that speaks openly without the use of words. Mad Dogs has always been a brand about expressing happy and joyful emotions through clothing which still exists to this day.


If you would like to find out any more information you can contact us directly here, email us at info@maddogs.co.za or give us a call on +27 11 083 8542 between 9am-5pm (SAST).


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