About us


We have been in the business for 28 years. Since our establishment in 1993, we have strived to give the best to our customers. Whether that's through quality, communication or even comfort, we have always done our best for you.


We are proud to say that all of our products are produced and sold locally in South Africa which is what makes us a proudly South African brand. All of our products are hand-made using 100% of our finest cotton to give a soft and premium feel, along with unmatched quality.


At Mad Dogs Clothing, we never stop thinking how we can improve our products and services for you. We believe that we are very unique and want you to become a part of our family to continue our national clothing culture!


Why us?

We understand that as the customer you want to know what makes us different from the rest, so here's a few unique qualities:


Sustainable and ethical.

Our clothes are both sustainable and ethical by harnessing the power of the slow-fashion movement. This means that our clothes last much longer and therefore extend the life cycle of having to buy new items in a shorter amount of time. Essentially, this uses less natural resources in the production process overall to create what we call an ethical carbon pawprint.


Quality over quantity.

Clothing brands often focus on producing as many different styles as possible for the cheapest price to sell to consumers. At Mad Dogs, we focus on creating clothes that are of the best quality so that they not only last longer, but feel better as well. This is achieved by using 100% of the finest cotton in all of our products.


Timeless design. 

At Mad Dogs, we create styles that are never going to go out of fashion. That's why we have created classic and timeless designs that harness our nostalgic heritage from the 90s to make sure you look good whatever the current trends are. After all, old school is becoming the new school!


If you would like to find out any more information you can contact us directly here, email us at info@maddogs.co.za or give us a call on +27 11 083 8542 between 9am-5pm (SAST).


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