Established in 1993. Reimagined in 2018.

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Doing what we can to have the smallest carbon pawprint.

At Mad Dogs Clothing, we have simplified the shopping experience by cutting out the hassle and frustration of retail shopping by packaging the concept of e-commerce shopping in the simplest way possible. Even though we have been on the block since 1993, we are constantly and consistently striving to give you the best experience possible.

Mad Dogs Team @maddogs_clothing

E-commerce is definitely becoming the new way for people to shop for everything, including clothes. The Mad Dogs Team really do a great job in making the process simple, effective and efficient. 5 stars!

Happy customer :)

A great brand overall. Niche selection of goods at a high quality, reasonable price points and locally produced. The website is functional and easy to use as well. I would really recommend buying from these guys!

Happy customer :)

Mad Dogs Clothing has amazing items, with a variety of different patterns, colours and styles along with a broad range of sizes. This is a fun and unique brand!

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It's amazing, it's comfy, it's affordable and easy to order on the website. Plus, having free shipping makes it that much better!

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Probably the most important partner of all, you. Making it possible to create what we do!