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We know taking care of the things you love is important to you, so why should it be any different when it comes to your clothes? We have compiled a basic care guide so that your gear can last longer and look better than ever! Since we use cotton in all of our products, it is important to consider the information below. Cotton is a natural material and can therefore be sensitive to certain types of washing, drying and other forms of care. 


NB: These are recommended tips. If not followed or considered, you could cause damage to your products and decrease the product lifespan. 


Cold wash

Cold washing cotton makes sure that there is no shrinkage in the washing process. Cotton is an organic fabric which means it is sensitive and shrinks with heat. It is also very important to cold wash cotton to maintain its soft feel.


Do not bleach

We recommend to never bleach your garments. Bleaching can cause the fabric to become yellow. It may also dry out the fabric, giving it a rougher feel to the touch.


Warm iron

Heat and cotton are not friends. This is why using a warm iron will avoid damage to the fabric in the long run and prevent it drying out, shrinking and losing its best quality, softness.


Do not dry clean

Dry cleaning can damage the fabric as there is no water being used in the cleaning process. Cotton is sensitive to rubbing and will fray the fibres, thus making the garment lose its soft touch and crisp finish.


Do not tumble dry

Tumble drying uses a high amount of heat which again doesn’t agree with cotton as it will cause shrinkage and dryness as mentioned above.


Flat fold or hang

We recommend flat folding or hanging up your Mad Dogs clothes to stop wrinkles occurring when you go to take out your favourite piece of clothing. Cotton wrinkles fairly easily so it’s important to make sure its folded correctly or hanging straight to keep it looking fresh, clean and neat.


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