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Care Guide

How to take care of your Mad Dogs products.

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Making an impact.

Taking care of your clothes not only keeps them looking good but also has a long-term positive impact on the environment. The longer your items last, the less overall impact they have on the environment by decreasing the frequency in which you need to buy new items.

Wash care tips:

Wash before use

We recommend washing your item(s) before wearing them for the first time. This is to ensure that the product(s) is fully cleansed from any chemicals within the dye that could potentially cause skin irritation or other related reactions. Washing your item(s) for the first time will also allow the fabric to soften, making it more comfortable.

Cold wash only

Cold washing cotton makes sure that there is no shrinkage in the washing process. Since cotton is a natural material, it is very sensitive to heat which can cause shrinkage. Heat will also dry out the material, creating a hard and more ebrassive feel.

Do not bleach

We recommend to never bleach your garments. Bleaching can cause the fabric to become yellow and may dry out the material, creating a hard and rougher feel.

Warm iron only

Using a warm iron will avoid damage to the fabric. We recommend not ironing over printed areas of your garments as it can cause damage to the print. We recognise this is not always possible but it is important to maintain a low heat on the iron.

Do not dry clean

Dry cleaning can damage the fabric as there is no water being used in the cleaning process. This type of drying can fray the material fibres, thus making the garment lose its soft touch and crisp finish.

Do not tumble dry

Tumble drying uses a high amount of heat which can cause your garments to shrink, dry out and become rough to the touch.

Flat fold or hang

We recommend flat folding or hanging up your garments when not in use to avoid wrinkles occurring. Most materials wrinkle very easily, especially cotton so it’s important to make sure its folded correctly or hanging straight to keep it looking fresh, clean and neat.