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MD x Das Kapital | Capsule v1.0

Our next official collaboration is in the works. This time we are going to be working with Kyle Brinkmann, known to most as Das Kapital. For those of you who don't know, Kyle is a professional DJ who not only has a passion for music, but also his childhood clothing, Mad Dogs. Much like our latest partner, Schalkie Bez, Kyle has been connected with our brand since a young age and wanted to create a clothing range that expresses the memories of his childhood in the best way possible for others to enjoy.


"When I think back on the clothing of my childhood, Mad Dogs is one of the first brands to come to mind."


These kind of partnership projects are unique and meaningful since they aim to create something that will have an impact on the individuals who share a special relationship with us over the last 28 years. Kyle came to us with a very clear vision of recreating something classical, unique and truly nostalgic with us so prepare to hop into that time machine!


Here's what he had to say about that vision, "I remember the comfort, the matching sets, the quirky packaging, and a playful unified design language tying it all together. In building this project with Mad Dogs, I have realised those memories aren’t just my own – they’re a shared experience with so many others from all over South Africa who grew up with Mad Dogs in the early 90s – a brand for everyone, from all walks of life, in a time where we needed it most.


After almost 30 years, I feel it’s time to retell those shared stories of adventure, excitement, comfort and community, for a new generation. Together, Mad Dogs and I have begun to reimagine the cuts, styles and colours that highlighted the early years of the brand, with subtle touches that speak to the “now”. This first collection - Mad Dogs x Das Kapital “Capsule v1.0” - is the beginning of a new story, for us, and for everyone."


We are extremely excited to bring something truly pawsome to our online store in Q1 2021. Additonal details and information will be released over the coming weeks, so make sure you stay tuned into our social channels, website and your mailbox if you're a subscriber on our mailing list.


Mad Dogs Team