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Mad Dogs Clothing has been established since 1993.

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Our Story

Established in Cape Town, South Africa in 1993, Mad Dogs Clothing became a nationally recognised clothing brand that presented versatility, and individuality which has created a special connection with everyone who now has their own unique story to share. Most well known for our all over prints, creative designs, comfort and quality, the Mad Dogs brand identity is truly distinctive. Some 30 years later, our brand has evolved into a national clothing culture. In 2018, the brand was taken under new ownership with a mission to bring Mad Dogs Clothing back into the retail fashion space on a larger scale within South Africa and beyond.

Our Mission

We aim to offer unique, comfortable, durable, locally produced clothing that fits into your everyday life, along with distinct and fun design that follows our 30-year heritage. We emphasise sustainability, quality and the promotion of local business within every manufactured product. In our current world of overconsumption, we aim to create products that make a change for the better.

Our Identity

Our brand identity is something that has been unique since the very beginning. It is both recognisable and distinct which is presented through our all-over print designs, nostalgic silhouettes and of course, our official Mad Dogs mascot, Cool Dog.


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