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Partner Solution

Stock and sell our products via your current business.

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Partner Solution

What is it?

The Partner Solution offers the opportunity for retailers, big or small, to stock and sell one of the most loved South African brands from the 90s. Create your very own items and collections, and sell them via your platform by using our established brand and products to strengthen your offering and scale it.

Partner Solution

How does it work?

The entire procedure has been broken down into a Workflow Process, comprised of four simple stages, with the focuses on being both effortless and seamless. The Partner Solution allows you to work directly along side us to design and create your very own Mad Dogs collection to sell via your own business.

Partner Solution

Workflow Process

Our Partner Solution has been packaged into a streamline workflow process that is made up of four complete and distinct elements. We have designed a very simple, yet sophisticated framework so that selling our brand and products has never been easier.

Step 1: Create

Bring your ideas to life by working directly with us to create and design your very own exclusive Mad Dogs collection of items, captured using Adobe Illustrator® to display your creativity.

Step 2: Produce

Once your collection has been designed and built, we will manufacture your items through our local manufacturing network in South Africa.

Step 3: Deliver

When production has been completed we will deliver or ship your items to the desired destination so that you can begin preparations before going to market.

Step 4: Distribute

Now that the production of your new Mad Dogs collection has been completed, you're ready to start selling via our own sales channels and go-to-market.

Partner Solution

Want to apply?

If the Partner Solution looks like something for you, head over to our application page, complete the required information and submit for review.

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FAQs - Partner Solution

Visit our FAQ page to discover our most frequently asked questions about our Partner Solution. If the answer you're looking for isn't there, send us a message via our contact page.

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