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Private Label

Our Private Label framework provides a complete turn-key manufacturing solution for retailers, brands and businesses who want to make use of our trusted resources to create their very own customised and branded products.

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Private Label

Why Mad Dogs?

Through the experience and expertise of creating our own products for 30 years, we know what it takes to create products that will make an impact. We provide superior quality, local manufacturing and all the resources needed to bring your vision to life.

Private Label

Workflow Process

In parallel to our B2B Solutions, our Private Label solution has been packaged into a streamline workflow process that is made up of four distinct elements. It is a very simple, yet sophisticated framework that brings your vision to life, easily and efficiently.

Step 1: Create

Make use of our direct design resources in order to bring your personal vision and ideas to life on a digital canvas, translated by Adobe Illustrator® into visual assets.

Step 2: Produce

Once your vision has been perfected, we will proceed onto the production of your products through our local and established manufacturing network in South Africa.

Step 3: Deliver

When production has been completed, we will deliver your items to the required destination so that you can make the necessary preparations.

Step 4: Distribute

Now that the production of your new products is complete and the delivery has been made, you can begin distributing your items for their intended purpose.

Our Services

Pattern Development

Make use of our current Mad Dogs garment patterns or have completely customised versions created to bring a unique fit and feel to your items.

Design Development

We offer our own in-house design suite at your disposal. By using the power of Adobe Illustrator®, we can translate your vision and ideas into visual assets.

Material Sourcing

We have an extensive local resource network in South Africa which opens the door for you to choose the composition and colour of your items, along with additional garment elements such as buttons and threads.

Screen Printing

We have the capability to provide screen prints in a variety of different sizes. This includes all-over printed garments.


Our manufacturing services include the option to execute high-quality garment embroidery in a variety of sizes.

Product Labelling

We have the resources and supplier connections to create your very own custom product labels which can be woven or printed.

Product Tagging

We have the capacity to design and produce custom product tags to provide the finishing touch.


We know that presentation is everything, especially when it comes to selling products which is why we offer packaging as part of our service offering. We provide a wide variety of packaging needs.


Make use of our own production line. From cutting and printing to in-house quality checks, we have you covered every step of the way.


We are happy to provide a national and international delivery service once production has been completed using one of our trusted logistics partners.

Private Label

Ready to begin?

If you're ready to begin your journey with us, simply navigate to the Private Label - Enquiry Form and complete the required information by clicking the button below.

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FAQs - Private Label

Visit our FAQ page to discover our most frequently asked questions about Private Label. If the answer you're looking for isn't there, send us a message via our contact page.

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