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Retail Solutions

We have built two Retail Solutions that allow you to sell our products in a way that works best for you and your business operations. Selling our brand and products provides a powerful value proposition.

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Retail Solutions

Our Solutions

Choose what works for you and your business.

Partner Solution

Sell our products via your current business.

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License Solution

Become an independent seller of our products.

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Retail Solutions

Workflow Process

Our retail solutions have been packaged into a streamline workflow process that is made up of four complete and distinct elements. We have designed a very simple, yet sophisticated framework so that selling our brand and products has never been easier.

Step 1: Create

Bring your ideas to life by working directly with us to create and design your very own exclusive Mad Dogs collection of items, captured using Adobe Illustrator® to display your creativity.

Step 2: Produce

Once your collection has been designed and built, we will manufacture your items through our local manufacturing network in South Africa.

Step 3: Deliver

When production has been completed we will deliver or ship your items to the desired destination so that you can begin preparations before going to market.

Step 4: Distribute

Now that the production of your new Mad Dogs collection has been completed, you're ready to start selling via our own sales channels and go-to-market.

Retail Solutions

Value Proposition.

We present a truly unique value proposition.

Lifelong Value

The Mad Dogs brand has been established for 30 years. During this time, we have developed, created and nutured a lifelong, personal and powerful relationship with a large group of consumers who we now consider family.

Creative Freedom

Our Retail Solutions give you the flexibility and choice of what items you want to sell, when you want to sell them. We have removed the traditional barriers to entry of the fashion retail segment and created a complete creative workshop.

Superior Support

Our retail relationships go further than just the industry standards. We will work in parallel with your business by offering our years of direct market experience in order to help you and your business grow using our brand and products.

Evolve, Scale, and Grow

Our Retail Solutions allow you to evolve, scale and grow your very own collection of Mad Dogs products the way you want. Whether you want to start with a small niche colletion to test the waters or produce a full seasonal collection, we offer a variety of market entry points.

Powerful Products

Our products offer a number of USPs which include local production, gender and functional versatility, distinct design identity, and a drive towards slow fashion through high quality production and use of superior materials.


FAQs - Retail Solutions

Visit our FAQ page to discover our most frequently asked questions about our Retail Solutions. If the answer you're looking for isn't there, send us a message via our contact page.

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