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Partner Announcement - Urban Experience

We are both delighted and elated to announce our new official Mad Dogs Clothing retail partner, Urban Experience ( This partnership signifies our second retail alliance and will present an additional avenue for consumers to purchase Mad Dogs products.

Founded in the heights of the local social scene before the global pandemic in 2020, Urban Experience embraces the trendy, diverse atmosphere of South African brands and seeks to create a collective marketplace comprised of fashion and lifestyle experts. There is an abundance of creativity, culture, and flair in the urban scene of Cape Town, and now, the creators of some of the most unique and exciting brands now have a space to unite and show off their creations in an exciting space, just for you.


"With our community of social media influencers, fashionistas, divas and groovers, we present the Urban Experience Marketplace. A one-stop shop for all your local fashion and lifestyle brands."

The Urban Experience


The core team of Urban Experience is made up of Katherine Blewett, Jamie Hadley-Grave and Jade Pritchard who all perform a crucial role within the business framework. Katherine and Jamie are the Co-Founders of the Urban Experience marketplace, while Jade fulfils the role of marketing for the company. Collectively, their personal and professional skills are what fuel the engine of the business and make it run like a well-oiled machine.

We have worked directly with Urban Experience, specifically Katherine and Jade to create a collection of Mad Dogs items that express both individualism and nostalgic values to the brand. The creation process has been expansive and thorough with many changes along the way to manifest something unique for consumers to enjoy and engage with. The curation process began with picking select silhouettes and expanding this into colour palettes, with the final piece of the creative puzzle coming down to selecting designs, prints and logos that would resonate with long-time fans of the Mad Dogs brand while envisioning something distinctive.


"Working with Urban Experience has been both enjoyable and gratifying. It is truly fulfilling to see an initial idea come to life throughout the design and development process. I believe we have managed to construct a fantastic collection of items that will combine key design elements of the Mad Dogs brand to offer both fanatics and first-time buyers something distinct and exclusive."

- Raoul Owens (Director at Mad Dogs Clothing)


"Working closely and being so involved in the creative process while designing our collection with Mad Dogs has been an epic experience! We can’t wait to see our designs come to life."

– Katherine Blewett (Co-Founder of Urban Experience)


Collaborating with Mag Dogs has been a dream! The brand is so nostalgic for me, so being involved in creating a collection with the team has been an amazing experience from start to finish.

– Jade Pritchard (Marketing at Urban Experience)


Additional information and details about the products, designs and availability of this exclusive collection will be announced over the coming weeks via our social media channels and other communication platforms, so stay tuned for more.


Urban Experience – Online platforms:

Instagram – @theurbanexperienceza
Website –

Urban Experience – Contact details:

Telephone – (+27) 83 652 5810
Email – /