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New team member: Das Kapital

It is time to officially announce the addition of a new member to the Mad Dogs Team - Kyle Brinkmann, also known as Das Kapital.

As you may know, we first began working with Kyle in 2020 when he approached us about creating a unique collaborative collection with Mad Dogs. The goal of his collection was to open a time capsule of sorts – It gave us all a new opportunity to relive the nostalgia and memories associated with our historic brand.

Since the release of Kyle's first official collection with us. We have been working very closely with him behind the scenes on the future of the brand at large. It became clear that his vision aligns perfectly with ours, which is why we took the decision to integrate his creative ideas, attentive eye, and expertise into the company moving forward. Kyle has now been officially appointed as the Creative Director for Mad Dogs Clothing.


“It’s an incredible honour to officially join the Mad Dogs team. Working so closely with a brand with this much history is both a pleasure and a new challenge for me – I’m ready to take both on with a smile. ”


There has been plenty of work happening on exciting upcoming projects, including our brand-new Winter 2021 collection that we recently announced, which will be arriving in the coming weeks. At this stage, we feel that it is time to take the brand to new heights by tapping into the iconic styles that have formed the foundation of the Mad Dogs brand since 1993.


“I’m balancing a respect for our heritage with a healthy sense of adventure as we get ready to push forward into unchartered frontiers. Bringing Mad Dogs into the modern age presents exciting new opportunities for us as a brand, and for me as a creator. I feel fortunate to be able to bring my creative vision to life, and to play an impactful role within a company that means so much to so many.”


The success of Mad Dogs x Das Kapital | Capsule v1.0 upon its release re-established something we’ve felt for a long time - there is still a need for our comfort, quality and commitment to the classics within modern fashion. We are exceptionally excited to be working with Kyle moving forward and the future of the brand is looking brighter than ever!