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Project W21 - Coming soon.

We recently announced the arrival of our latest collection, Project W21 also which will be landing on our store in the coming weeks. This marks the first official seasonal collection since our remaster in 2018 and offers us the chance to create something new, unique and nostalgic for you to enjoy.

The Mad Dogs philosophy has always been to provide classic and timeless style, along with fresh and unique design which offers everyone the opportunity to express their individuality in a multitude of ways. The Winter 2021 collection is no exception to that core pillar of our brand. We have forged every element of this collection from the ground-up to provide something that is simple, bold and true to our legacy. We not only harvested inspiration from the vast archive of our 90s’ styles but also included the dreams and desires of our loyal followers to build this brand-new and exciting collection of clothing.

For us, clothing is more than something you just wear, it is something that visually represents you and marks a piece of history in your own unique timeline. Clothing makes a statement, not just externally to others around you but also internally through emotions and memories. Each piece of this collection has been crafted with elements of uniqueness, individuality and nostalgia in mind to create something truly special. During the creation process, we took every detail into consideration to make sure that this collection not only brings back memories of old but can help you create new ones too.

Over the coming weeks we will be progressively revealing each of the styles that will form a part of this special collection. This will be done via all forms of communication we have with our customers and fans, including our social media channels. Make sure to stay tuned for updates and news surrounding this exciting new collection. The only hint we will give you for now is that the Winter 2021 collection will feature both brand-new product styles that are not currently on our store along with popular styles that we have received an overwhelming amount of requests for.